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40 Quart Coolers


Price: $149.00

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  • External Dimensions - Width: 400mm    Length: 500mm    Height: 400mm

  • Internal Dimensions - Width: 310mm    Length: 395mm    Height: 310mm

  • Weight - 7.2 kg

  • Excellent ice holding abllities - Put it to the test!!!

  • UV resistant Polyethylene outer construction - Protecting the ice box from the sun's harmful Ultra Violet rays.

  • Double thickness non-absorbing, non-staining polyurethane foam insulation injected under extreme pressure to the walls and lid - to provide maximum insulation for maximum ice retention. The ice box can even be used to keep things warm!! Simply use heat packs instead of ice packs.

  • CFC Free Polyurethane Insulation - Better for the environment!!

  • Food grade, high impact inner lining - for easy cleaning.

  • Commercial Grade Thick E.V.A rubber seal - for a nice air tight seal in conjunction with our marine grade stainless steel latches.

  • Lock tab - allows for secure padlock closure and also acts as a child safety feature.

  • Extremely sturdy easy carrying ledges moulded into the ice box - making it easy for 2 people to carry the ice box at once.

  • Side handles and hinges made of top quality high impact Polypropylene - allows for easy comfortable carrying by one or two people. High Impact Polypropylene side handles are something many ice box suppliers leave off their ice boxes to cut down on material costs. Chillco's Ice Boxes are all fitted with two carrying methods. 
    1) The mould in carrying ledges moulded into the ice box body.
    2) The white high impact Polypropylene side handles. 
    White handles will also reflect the suns rays so you don't burn your hands when picking up your ice box.

  • White thick structural lid The WHITE lid acts as a reflector to the suns harmful rays. Most of the temperature in an ice box is lost through the lid so unlike other ice box suppliers, we have designed our Chillco ice boxes with WHITE LIDS. Can also be used as a step or a seat *Optional lid cushion available.

  • Conveniently located large bung drain plug with rubber O-ring - can also be connected to garden hose fittings to assist in the drainage of water from ice.

  • Heavy duty marine grade stainless steel compression latches - to tightly secure the lid and to prevent the outside heat from entering the ice box. Other Ice Box suppliers are known to use a quad latch system which consists of rope pulldowns which are known to break under stress. The fact is, it doesn't matter how many other latches are fitted to an ice box, the lid can only close and compress to a certain point. Having more latches than the marine grade stainless steel latches is an industry gimmick.

  • Full length commercial non-marking white drag skids- to prevent scuff marks on your boat, trailer and roof rack and to prevent the ice box sliding around.

  • Marine grade internal rope restraints - alleviates pressure off the hinges.

  • Dry Ice Compatible

  • Buoyancy Device - due to the high amount of Polyurethane insulation, ice boxes have been known to be quite handy to use as a flotation device in case of an emergency. Chillco still recommends that you use approved life jackets and safety devices and not use the ice box as a substitute.